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My original goal for this Blog was to create 52 NEW entries for 2011 focusing on Columbus, Indiana design and architecture. I had planned on continuing it into 2012 but work and other issues started getting in the way. I’m have now started revising each previous entry and will soon be writing on new topics. Once I exhaust my list of architectural topics, I will be writing new posts on Columbus history which is another passion of mine, alternating with revisions of previous architectural entries. I welcome any input regarding mistakes I may have made or sharing information that I didn’t know or have time to add the first time around. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Unique photos, especially from earlier eras in Columbus are especially welcome.

I might add that this undertaking is totally non-commercial (no ads!) with all expenses and hosting fees paid by myself. Any opinions expressed or mistakes made are solely my own. The majority of photos are my own but I have used various pictures from other sources, mostly found on the Internet. I have tried to give credit when known but I will take down anything called into question or give proper credit as requested.


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