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Ricky Berkey is a Columbus community volunteer and activist. I particularly enjoy the time I have spent as a tour guide with the Columbus Indiana Visitors Center. It’s gratifying to be able to show off a place you honestly admire. This website is an outgrowth of my enthusiasm for the Columbus community.

I’m an extreme and hopeless liberal but always see the humor in the ever-changing cycles of political power. I love music of all kinds; especially Folk and Jazz. I have developed an obsession for architecture and design as a result of living in Columbus. Columbus has been my home since 2000 and I often refer to it as my “adopted hometown”. I can’t imagine living anywhere else at this point. I’ve developed a sense of place and been enveloped in a unique community spirit that I’ve have found nowhere else. This place matters!

Ricky Berkey

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  1. The Columbus Area Visitors Center is so pleased to work with you on this project. Thanks for all you efforts to promote our community, including the wonderful tours you conduct as one of our tour guides.

  2. Hello Mr. Berkey!

    My name is Deanna Allbrittin and I am a reporter for WFIU. I’d like to speak with you about doing a radio story on your 52 Weeks of Columbus blog and possibly sitting down to interview you. Please email me at allbritd@indiana.edu if you’re interested.

  3. I grew up in Columbus between 1958 and 1968. Started the 2nd grade at Richards when it first opened. Thoroughly enjoying your blog. Growing up in Columbus certainly ruined me for any other town I have lived in since…and I’m darn proud of it. Thanks, Richard, and the Visitors Center for this great collection on Columbus wonders.

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